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Russia behind compromise of seven US states' voter registration systems

During the waning days of his administration after he'd ordered a probe into election interference, the US intelligence community reportedly told former US President Obama that Russian hackers compromised voter registration systems.

US FCC to repeal net neutrality, could increase cyber-security threats

The commission decided today to repeal the regulations put in place under the Obama administration, prompting criticism that the move would not only choke freedom but would compromise security and privacy.

Chelsea Manning's sentence commuted by President Obama

US President Barack Obama, in one of his final acts in office, has granted a commuted the 35 year sentence of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, the army soldier who leaked 750,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks.

China's economic cyber-espionage drops dramatically, sharpens focus

FireEye's new report assesses the fluctuations in Chinese cyber-activity since Barack Obama and Xi Jinping's momentous talks on intellectual property theft last year.

US gov vulnerability disclosure requires oversight, says new report

A new report has called for greater accountability and oversight in the way the government reports the software vulnerabilities that it discovers.

White House requires agencies to share custom code with open-source community

The White House is to make federal agencies release their custom code to the open-source community

President Obama signs Judicial Redress Act into law

President Obama Wednesday signed the Judicial Redress Act into law, a key step to enacting Safe Harbour 2 by allowing EU citizens to use US courts to challenge abuse of their data.

US Army site hacked as Obama vows 'aggressive' response to cyber-attacks

The US Army was forced to close down its official website yesterday after it was defaced by the Syrian Electronic Army. The news came as US President Barack Obama promised Washington will become more 'aggressive' in defending itself against cyber-attacks.

Google, Apple and Facebook urge Obama to reject encryption backdoors

War on encryption could spell economic disaster for US

Obama's 'unclassified emails' accessed by Russian hackers

US President Barack Obama's emails were stolen by Russian hackers, according to new claims.

US President Obama calls for cyber-security collaboration

The US government and the IT industry continue to lock horns over encryption, despite the US president's plea for greater co-operation between government and vendors.

US government to create cyber-intelligence agency

The Obama administration is expected to announce a new intelligence agency charged with sharing intel on cyber-attacks, in the wake of high-profile data breaches at Sony and Target.

US and UK join forces for cyber 'war games'

The UK and US will increase their co-operation on cyber-security, with some kind of transatlantic 'Waking Shark' banking exercise seemingly in the pipeline.

Post Snowden, Obama privacy director backs NSA and GCHQ transparency

President Obama's former director of privacy has urged NSA and GCHQ to work together to become more transparent when carrying out surveillance.

President Obama proposes limiting NSA access to phone calls

US President Barack Obama has announced plans to limit the National Security Agency's `catch all' bulk recording of all phone calls within and traversing the US - with one important caveat.

US debuts cyber security framework to protect critical infrastructure

The Obama administration has launched the Cybersecurity Framework, which aims to educate organisations on the risks facing critical infrastructure systems.

President Obama's NSA reforms to relax spying on allies

U.S. President Barack Obama has confirmed that the NSA will relax spying on the country's allies as part of the agency review.

Obama set to boost cyber initiatives with £500 million fund

The Pentagon will spend an extra $800 million (£520 million) on cyber security initiatives next year, despite defence budget cuts.