Office 365 News, Articles and Updates

Microsoft adds ransomware protection, recovery tools to Office 365

Microsoft has rolled out a series of new tools to protect its Office 365 Home and 365 Personal customers from a variety of cyber-threats, including ransomware.

Microsoft launches privilege escalation attack on itself with Office 365

A flaw in the way Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Connect configures the AD synchronisation account in Office 365 hybrid installations, creates stealthy admins in the user group by default.

Office 365 bug bounty maximum prize $30,000 until May 1st

The Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty programme has doubled the maximum payment for vulnerabilities found on the company's Microsoft Office 365 Portal and Microsoft Exchange Online.

As Microsoft Exchange users move to Office 365, so do cyber-criminals

Lewis Henderson discusses the migration to Office 365 and how companies are holding off migrating due to risks highlighted in recent news

Microsoft Office 365 hit with massive Cerber ransomware attack, report

Millions of Microsoft Office 365 users were potentially exposed to a massive zero-day Cerber ransomware attack last week.

The 'silver lining' of growing cyber-security concerns

Oscar Arean predicts that 2016 will be the year that IT managers finally start to see more buy-in from the rest of the business when it comes to cyber-security.