Office workers left to decide on file transfer options

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Office workers would choose an alternative to email in order to send large and sensitive files.

Office workers would choose an alternative to email in order to send large and sensitive files.


According to research by Axway and Tumbleweed Communications, a quarter of UK businesses do not have any secure systems in place for file transfer. This is despite more than half of office workers claiming they would select a different delivery mechanism to the one they typically use when sending files, if they suspected that the file they were sending contained sensitive information.


The survey revealed that a quarter of UK businesses leave their employees ‘to their own devices' for sending files and when files are too large to be sent via email, employees can ‘use CD, thumbdrives, tapes, online FTP services...whatever works for them' to transmit potentially confidential data.


Only 33 per cent of IT professionals claimed to be ‘very concerned' that people within their organisation might be transporting sensitive information on physical media (CD, USB, laptop, etc.).


Dave Bennett, CTO of Axway, said: “With the problem of accidental data breaches reaching epidemic proportions in 2008, it is disconcerting that businesses in the UK are not taking the transfer of sensitive information seriously enough.


“Our survey shows that the majority of office workers are aware of the potential pitfalls of sending files via physical means and are willing to try alternative methods. The issue is that secure alternative methods are not there and as a result, businesses are putting themselves at risk of data breaches.”


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