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OfficeScan Client/Server Edition


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From £10.60 per seat

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Strengths: One of the easier to use packages

Weaknesses: Clients are restricted to Microsoft only clients

Verdict: A good all round network protection package, with one of the lower price tags in this category

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OfficeScan Client/Server Edition is a well-rounded network security product for the network endpoints. It has several security features. The most unique component was the web threat protection, web reputation.

In addition to file-based scanning, the offering will also detect and block web-based security risks, including phishing attacks.

OfficeScan includes traditional anti-virus, firewall and IDS functionality. Clients are restricted to the Microsoft family of operating system, versions Windows 2000 and newer. However, it does support 64-bit operating systems and is already Vista certified. OfficeScan is compatible with network access control packages, specifically the Cisco NAC offering.

The installation of the server was among the easiest in the category. OfficeScan was one of a few products which used web-based configuration for the server. We could update the files for all security components, as well as set new policies for the clients, directly through the web interface.

The client installation offered the typical login script, a client package delivered through Active Directory, and also through the client browsing to the server website. We used the last offering since it was the least complex, and the client installation was fast and efficient.

The documentation was below average. The documents were the standard PDF files, but the bookmarks were not very helpful in finding the place in the document we needed to help with a particular issue.

Basic maintenance for the product is included in the price, which covers the first year of operation. Additional support packages of diamond, gold and silver are available. These annual packages have varying features - from 24/7 support to a dedicated engineer. Pricing for the additional support packages are based on a per seat count.

The Trend Micro OfficeScan Client/Server Edition has a price tag which is a minimum of £10.60 per seat. For the largest enterprises, the Office-Scan offering is at the lower end of the price spectrum.

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