The website for the Ohio secretary of state has been restored after being hit by hackers.


The Ohio secretary Jennifer Brunner made an announcement on Monday that it was ‘in a static mode with limited functionality as a precaution.' Security breaches were identified and an investigation is currently underway.


The attack follows phone lines and e-mail channels have been barraged in recent weeks in the business filings section of the office with reports made of ‘menacing messages' and even threats of harm or death on the staff. A package was also received at the office which contained an unidentified powder.


Brunner said: “Due to security concerns experienced by the Secretary of State's website, full functionality of the website has been suspended to protect the integrity of state records and data.  Full functionality will be restored when we are assured that all data has been protected to acceptable levels of security.


“Our focus is and has always been to protect the vote of every eligible Ohio voter from any kind of fraud, be it voter registration fraud, illegal voting or vote suppression.  This action has been taken to detect and prosecute any illegal breach of our voting infrastructure to maintain voter confidence.”


Ohio is seen as a key battleground for the US election, Ohio voters secured Republican George W. Bush's re-election victory by just 119,000 votes in 2004.