A file-sharing tool for businesses has been launched that enables users to access files at any time and on devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

According to On Direct, its solution Cloud Direct : ABC simplifies the way that companies share information amongst teams, while ensuring documents are secure and available to only the right people. Unlike consumer-based platforms, Cloud Direct has an ISO 27001 certification, uses SSL for traffic and is centrally managed by an administrator.

Speaking to SC Magazine, On Direct technical engineer Will Rowley said that over the last 25 years, IT decisions have been made by the IT department and they had the controls around it, but consumerisation has put the potential for data loss into the wrong hands and it needs to be put back into the hands of the administrator.

He said: “There are a number of free services available for data backup and collaboration, and you can get hosts with 1GB of data storage for free, but for the IT administrator it is a nightmare, as it is a gateway for confidential information, as the employee controls it.

“To ensure your compliance you need to control it, so we allow the administrator to ensure that it is secure, safe and compliant, as we have gone through rigorous testing.”

Rowley explained that the solution is entirely cloud-hosted and businesses need a tool with a capability to back up but with more capabilities than standard consumer models.

“The product does both back up and collaboration and we have added remote access management as well,” he said. “It is access to data that everyone is working on, as without it you just have SharePoint. With Cloud Direct : ABC we're offering businesses of all sizes, an enterprise-class, easy to manage solution that is affordable and flexible, and makes collaborating as part of a team both easy and secure.”

A three-user licence is offered with up to 25GB of storage, while a minimum five-user option offers 100GB option, with one user appointed as the administrator. Rowley said: “So the storage follows the user rather than the PC as you can use it as a back up or put all your data into project files.”

Rowley said that an enterprise edition will be launched in a few months, which will add features such as managing settings of other users.