While mobile transactions for the booking of flights, hotels and rental cars see a significant rise worldwide during the summer months, so does fraudulent activity against online travel companies go up as well.

According to new research from iovation, the amount of online travel transactions during an average summer month (June through August) in 2015 was eight percent higher than a typical month during the rest of the year.

Travel transactions completed from a mobile device during an average summer month in 2015 were 14 percent higher than a typical month in the rest of the year.

Fraudulent online travel transactions saw a rise of nine percent, occurring during an average summer month in 2015 - it was nine percent higher than a typical month the rest of the year. 

Like wise online travel fraud from a mobile device increased 18 percent during a summer month in 2015. Android devices saw a 16 percent increase and iPhones saw a 13 percent increase.

In 2014, Windows desktops and laptops (39 percent) saw the biggest increase followed by Macs (36 percent). In 2013, iPhones saw the biggest increase (59 percent) followed by Androids (57 percent).

In the 2015 summer months, the most online travel transactions were made from the US (53 percent) followed by the UK (seven percent), Canada (five percent), Australia (four percent) and Mexico (three percent).

“Our research shows that when people are out and about in the summer, they like to use their mobile device to book their travel and fraudsters like to do the same. This intelligence from our global crime fighting community of thousands of fraud analysts empowers companies to fight the criminals that are impacting their bottom lines and consumers' wallets,” said Scott Waddell, chief technology officer at iovation.