Only 31% of UK consumers say protecting data is their responsibility
Only 31% of UK consumers say protecting data is their responsibility

The majority of UK consumers (69 percent) believe that the responsibility for protecting their personal data lies in the hands of the businesses holding that information, while the remaining 31 percent believe they are responsible for protecting their own information.


According to new research from Gemalto, UK consumers are almost twice as likely to blame a failure of an organisation's security solutions for a data breach than their European counterparts at 33 percent (France, 14 percent and Germany 19 percent). The research included survey responses from 9000 consumers in the UK, US, Australia, Benelux, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and UAE.


Seven in 10 (69 percent) of UK consumers would be unlikely to do business with a retail, financial or healthcare company if financial and sensitive information such as card details were stolen.


UK consumers would be more likely to stop using a retailer (54 percent) and a social media site (54 percent) than a bank (51 percent) if they were to suffer an online breach. This is due to the fact that UK consumers are more confident in online/mobile banking (54 percent) than the global average (49 percent), despite only 37 percent of respondents believing it to be a secure banking method.


Over three-quarters of UK consumers believe their employers take staff security seriously (76 percent).

France (43 percent) and Germany (40 percent) are twice as likely to pursue legal action against fraudsters and companies that lost their details than the UK (24 percent).


UK consumers are more likely to shop online during a high profile commercial event over a normal day (46 percent vs 42 percent), even though 48 percent admit the threat increases during these events.


Twenty-three percent of UK consumers feel they are likely to become a victim of a breach at any time, lower than every other country that completed the survey, except Japan (22 percent).


Only 51 percent of the UK feel that social media poses the greatest risk to their personal information, lower than every other country surveyed (average of 59 percent).


“In 2016, we saw a number of high profile data breaches, notably TalkTalk and Yahoo, affect UK consumers, helping raise public awareness around the very real threats to personal data. Despite this, it appears that UK consumers are less concerned about becoming a victim of a breach than their counterparts worldwide, with more than half being confident when banking online or via mobile. What is clear, is that UK consumers believe the responsibility for protecting personal data lies with the business and not the individual, leading to a feeling that it is not their own fault should a data breach occur,” said Jason Hart, CTO of data protection at Gemalto.


“This should be a wakeup call for UK businesses – consumers expect them to provide the necessary security protocols to protect their data, without compromising the convenience they expect when using services online like social media. Businesses that fail to do so could soon find themselves losing out to the competition, with consumers showing they are more than willing to take their business elsewhere should a breach occur,” Hart said.