Uber, TaskRabbit and 45 other online businesses that support the “sharing economy” have composed a letter to the European Union.

In the letter addressed to Dutch prime minister and EU president, Mark Rutte, the organisations expressed concerns that new laws will limit their development of the collaborative economy, however the companies support the European digital single market strategy. The letter stated: “We welcome the Strategy as an important step in realising the benefits which our platforms can deliver for European consumers.”

According to the Register, a growing number of European countries are concerned with risks that the new sharing economy companies can bring about. One example is that of Uber's selection process for its drivers. Uber has been criticised again and again for being less robust than the long-term approval process that traditional taxi drivers go through to guarantee the safety of riders.

Due to such concerns, the European Competitiveness Council will hold a meeting in the near future, which worries the 47 united companies whose logos reside on the bottom of the letter with the aim to “connect people to products and services in entirely new ways”.

“As innovators, we are challenging more established methods of product and service delivery, and those whose businesses are based on them.”