Halon Security has announced plans to double speed and performance in its firewalls and routers.

The company said that by choosing OpenBSD as the core base for security and network advantages for its firewall and routing platform, the SR series, the routing capabilities have increased from 400Mbps to 800Mbps.

Halon Security said that the patch improvements in the next release of OpenBSD have allowed its SR series to gain up to double the raw forwarding performance compared to its earlier releases, and other HSR models will have similar performance improvements. The new performance boost will be released in November as software update.

Peter Falck, president of Halon Security, said: “We are overwhelmed and excited to announce this boost improvements for our customers, this proves that our decision to work with leading network platform will be advantages for our customers and partners. Our dedication to solid architecture, edge technology and platform diversity are successful ingredients, there are no shortcuts.”