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Extradition - where now for Lauri Love?

With the approval of the order for his extradition by the home secretary, Lauri Love is running out of options. An appeal to the High Court is on the cards but how long can he stave off the inevitable?

Opinion: Why wasn't Tesco Bank prepared for the scale of this attack?

With a reported 20,000 customers losing money over the weekend, Tesco Bank appears to be struggling to deal with the volume of customers demanding their money back. Should Tesco have been better prepared?

Video: Building blocks of IT security 2 - Design and development

In instalment two of his four-part viewpoint series, Tony Collings outlines the design and development phase of the project - the key challenge: getting the solution right.

Video: Building blocks of IT security 1 - Establishing the requirement

In instalment one of his four-part viewpoint series, Tony Collings outlines the first of his essential building blocks for the successful implementation of an IT project: have you got the business requirement right?

How do we tackle SMS spear phishing?

It didn't take much time following internet connections on mobile phones to become commonplace for scammers to realise they had another avenue for phishing attacks, says Claire Cassar.

DDoS extortion attacks - a new threat to look out for

It is a testament to the sustained evolution of the cybersecurity landscape that we are still regularly seeing the emergence of new threats, says Gad Elkin.

A necessary oath: maintaining ethics in today's cyber world

Given the far-reaching implications of their work, it's time for cyber-security professionals to consider creating an oath to uphold ethical standards, says Stephen Cox.

The concept of Red Teaming

An holistic view of security is increasingly important, says Thomas Richards.