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Cyber-attacks targeting DoD contractor, OPM, and US aircraft carrier linked to China

A Chinese cyber-attack targeting a US Defence Department contractor was linked to the OPM hack.

Congressional report faults OPM over breach preparedness and response

The massive breach at the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) might have been prevented had the agency followed basic cyber-security guidelines, a congressional investigation claimed.

Study: US federal agencies still lacking strong cyber hygiene

A new study showing how US federal agencies still don't have a firm grasp of cyber-security was ironically released days after a third-party contractor hired to fortify the US Office of Personnel Management's systems suddenly quit.

Report: 77K cyber incidents against U.S. govt.

A new report from the US Office of Management and Budget has shown the true scale of the cyber-threats that the US government contends with each day

Pro-Palestine hacktivist makes good on threat, posts data on FBI and DHS personnel

The hacker responsible for breaching the Department of Justice's web portal has publicly posted stolen data corresponding to roughly 20,000 employees of the FBI and 9,000 from the Department of Homeland Security.

CIA may pull spies from China after OPM hacks

After data on 21.5 million former and current OPM workers was exposed, US officials are concerned that hackers can use the information to determine Chinese spy identities.

OPM breach exposed SSNs, personnel records of all fed workers

As it becomes apparent that the federal data breach experienced by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is larger than first believed, exposing the Social Security numbers and personnel records of every federal worker - and as reports emerged that some of those records had surfaced on the darknet - members of Congress clashed over languishing cyber-security legislation.