The challenge of social networking in a business environment has been tackled in a new think tank from SC Studio.

With attendees at the roundtable including Russell Poole, strategy director at 2e2, Rick McConnell, chief security officer at Euroclear, Neil Jarvis, CISO at DHL Supply Chain, Caroline Ikomi, technical director at Check Point and Bronwyn Boyle, director of information risk management at Barclays, the subject offered some interesting opinions on this consistent challenge.

Ikomi commented that the use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter was about managing the risk that is coming into a work environment, and said that administrators need to look at each application to take control of what people are doing rather than blocking it as it could be a ‘useful tool'.

McConnell said: “You have got to address this on a behavioural level too, so you get people to understand the potential adverse impact on the business, so they understand that ‘if you do this the potential consequences could be'. Some of the more successful examples that I have seen from other businesses is to take it from an individual extrapolator and make it a more generic example.”

He also claimed that simply blocking access is not realistic anymore, and if technical solutions continue to be built it could be justified, but the losses can have a negative impact.

Boyle commented that social networking is used to launch and maintain campaigns, and said: “It is about adding value for our customers in a different way.”

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