Organisations are not endorsing social networking but beginning to embrace Twitter

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Only 21 per cent of organisations are using social networking websites.

Only 21 per cent of organisations are using social networking websites.


A survey by Launchpad Europe found that for personal use, 61 per cent claimed to use the likes of Facebook and Twitter, while only 21 out of 100 respondents reported that their organisations used social media.


Eleven of those 21 organisations are using Twitter, while only 15 per cent of the 61 per cent who use social networking for personal use are twittering. Facebook was the most popular among individuals with 51 respondents claiming to use it. Fourteen reported to use other social media, including LinkedIn, LiveJournal and MySpace. 


Mike Burkitt, director of European business accelerator at Launchpad Europe, said: “Social media cannot be ignored by IT security professionals who know only too well that ignorance is not bliss and it is certainly no defence.


“IT security professionals must embrace all aspects of the social media phenomenon to fully understand this constantly evolving hotbed for information leakage and social engineering-savvy hackers. My advice is to make yourself and your company fluent in IT security 3.0.”


When asked about their concerns about the security of social media, some respondents said that as IT security professionals they understood the security issues surrounding social media and were therefore less concerned. Other respondents said that as IT security professionals, they saw it as their job to be especially concerned about the security issues surrounding social media.


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