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Supply chain and breach response troubles haunt UK CISOs

UK Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are winning some battles and losing others when it comes to improving their firm's information security practices, according to a new report.

Beginning of the end for IT departments

The emergence of services such as cloud computing, data analysis, social business and mobility has brought corporate IT to what market research company IDC has dubbed the "third platform". But Wieland Alge asks, what will the third platform mean for the CIO role?

Humanise outsourcing with a Pay As You Go CISO

Outsourcing your CISO is an option medium sized organisations should consider says Carl Shallow, who advises a Pay As You Go model to buy in expertise.

Security Partnerships: Engaging at the right level

A holistic approach to security management is needed to bridge the gap between stategy and technology says Chris Yule.

Know thy neighbour: Dealing with third-party cyber attacks

It's not enough to protect your own network, you also have to be prepared to cope with third party negligence, says Brian Foster.

Regulatory compliance and risk includes third-parties

Third Party IT services suppliers must reassess governance, risk management and compliance responsibilities.

Two in three companies 'blind' to data breaches

Trustwave's annual Global Security Report reveals that the number of data breaches is increasing, and yet a significant number of organisations remain blind to the threat, or unable to detect what caused the intrusion.

Third-party security risks follow Target data breach

What should businesses be doing to ensure that contractors and other third-parties are aware of the risks in security? That was one of the key questions during a panel discussion at Infosecurity 2014 in London on Thursday.

Why businesses fear the cloud

Cloud storage will be a hacking magnet suggests David Emm, with the most vulnerable point of entry for attackers being staff.

Businesses look to outsource, but often with increase cost and risk

Businesses are rapidly adopting an outsourced, third-party information technology operations model.