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The information security skills shortage and how to solve it

Recognising the problem and putting a plan and strategy in place on how you're going to tackle it is the essential first step.

Improving poor IT security and data compliance needn't be hard

If your company doesn't have the internal resources and IT expertise to ensure IT systems are secure and up-to-date then you have the option of outsourcing IT at a reasonable price to a managed services provider.

Protecting your 'digital jewels' from new public cloud threats

The problem with placing your organisation's digital crown jewels in the public cloud is that you must rely on the CSP's own security controls to identify and stop attackers.

Rethinking security - How SMBs can benefit from managed security services

Many SMBs conclude that the best way to gain proper protection is through a managed services approach and more managed service providers (MSPs) rising to the challenge and adding managed security services says Mike Puglia.

Security implications of moving Disaster Recovery (DR) to Azure

Azure is very easy to deploy but if ISO27001 processes get overlooked because you get the functionality without doing your homework then the business becomes vulnerable to threats warns Ian Daly.

Making data security a priority in a cloud first world

Moving to the cloud? Don't neglect the security challenges. Ensure you have a security policy that works seamlessly across on-premise and cloud says Dave Nicholson

Beyond prevention. How and when to use endpoint detection and response

Nicolas Capitoni says anaged Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is so valuable because it empowers organisations to cost effectively find and isolate compromised endpoints before any real damage is done.

Balancing digital good / bad - ensure visibility, take responsibility

Cloud gives certain tools. We need to understand as organisations where our core competence is and for many companies, it's not infrastructure." But he added that you do need visibility about what is going on.

Using outsourced security to update policies, procedures & infrastructure

Managed security services can alleviate the uncertainty security professionals currently experience about their ability to take full advantage of the latest technology, security best practices and 24x7x365 monitoring says David Venable.

InfoSec 2016: How to manage huge risk of privileged insiders

In the drive to increase efficiency, organisations have outsourced many 'non-core' functions so how can they mitigate the information risks of using third-party IT suppliers?

EuroCACS 2016: Cloud still challenged by need for IT assurance

Outsourcing data and services to the cloud makes good business sense provided your organisation takes steps to mitigate the inherent risks, according to one of the speakers at EuroCACS 2016.

The price of outsourcing to reduce IT costs: innovation and business outcomes

George Davies highlights the risks and considerations necessary to keep in mind prior to outsourcing your IT to a third party.