Sixty nine percent of wearable device owners say that they don't use login credentials such as passwords, PINs fingerprint scanners and voice recognition to access their devices.

A new study from Centrify surveyed more than 100 random RSA attendees onsite at the conference in San Francisco. Over half (56 percent) of wearable owners use their devices to access business apps such as Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Docs, Box or a combination of them and more.

The research says that 42 percent of wearable owners say that when it comes to their devices, identity theft is their top security concern, putting aside the lack of login credentials and ready access to company information. Lack of IT management and device control comes next (34 percent) and a general increase in breaches of sensitive work data or information is third (22 percent).

“As wearables become more common in the enterprise, IT departments must take serious steps to protect them as carefully as they do laptops and smartphones,” said Bill Mann, chief product officer for Centrify. “Wearables are deceptively private. Owners may feel that due to their ongoing proximity to the body, they're less likely to fall into the wrong hands. However, hackers don't need to take physical possession of a device in order to exploit a hole in security. The best news is that solutions already exist that can easily wrap wearables into the identity management picture.”