Over three-quarters of European companies regularly transfer business critical data, yet most do not have a uniform approach in place.

A survey found that 77 per cent of the European companies transfer confidential personal or financial information, inside and outside of the company, yet 53 per cent of those surveyed state that security is the greatest challenge posed by data transfer and 64 per cent indicated that their companies do not have a uniform approach in place for data transfer.

Uniform procedures, which ensure compliance with current and future data protection standards, are critical for assuring important file transfer systems yet 17 per cent of the employees involved do not know who in their company is responsible for data transfer security. As such, if an error occurs during data transfer they do not know who to contact to address the issue.

Furthermore, 23 per cent of those questioned do not know how to encode or decode data, notify recipients, or how to implement anti-virus procedures after the data transfer.

Neil Harrison, technical services director EMEA at managed file transfer manufacturer Attachmate, who conducted the survey, said: “The Attachmate survey shows that many corporations have yet to adapt their security requirements and data transfer procedures to existing standards, even though data size and volume continue to grow worldwide.”