Panda Security releases corporate edition of Apple Mac anti-virus

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Panda Security has introduced anti-virus software for a corporate Apple Mac environment.

Panda Security has introduced anti-virus software for a corporate Apple Mac environment.

According to the company, Panda Antivirus for Mac Corporate Edition protects against all types of threats for Mac OS X and Windows in Mac desktops, laptops and servers and scans other Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It also includes a centralised administration console to simplify the job of deploying the solution on computers and servers.

Panda Security also said that it can scan folders, files and email, detecting and eliminating or blocking all types of threats, including Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, adware, hacking tools, botnets, diallers, scareware and other threats initially designed for Windows, but which also affect Mac, such as Macro viruses.

Bruno Rodríguez, corporate product director at Panda Security, said: “Many companies, universities and other organisations now operate with a diverse network topology including Mac servers and workstations operating alongside Windows systems.

“In these environments it is very important not just to protect against specific threats that target Apple platforms, but also against those Windows threats that can be transmitted via Mac and infect all systems.”

Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs, said that in 2010 over 20 million new examples of malware were collected and regarding Mac, it had seen an increase in the number of threats designed specifically for this platform.

“There are other types of threats to which all Mac users are exposed, such as phishing, or vulnerabilities in popular programs including browsers, PDF readers, etc,” he said.


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