A panel of CISOs, analysts, entry professionals and resellers have been brought together to find the most innovative security solutions from around the world.

Acumin Consulting has brought the panel together to assess a number of solutions against a predefined criteria in the hope of finding two security vendors that will ultimately be named as a 'Critical Security Solution' provider.

The two chosen vendors will be provided with a number of benefits to aid their UK business growth and visibility within the end-user community. These include a UK market entry plan developed by Acumin, a sales and marketing plan, sponsorship of a risk and network threat forum event, and an agreement with a leading European security reseller.

Chris Batten, managing director at Acumin, said: “Over the past 18 months we've seen a dramatic fall in security vendors opening businesses in the UK. The lack of visibility of new and innovative technology in this space is stifling security directors in addressing some key challenges they face.

“Some of us thought we'd try and change this landscape and have contacted a number of worldwide vendors whose solutions could be potentially interesting to the threat community.”