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Nadine Dorries under scrutiny for comments about password sharing

Nadine Dorries, a Conservative MP, has come under fire for her lax approach to security, sharing her password with her staff, as she sought to describe this behaviour as typical in Westminster when trying to defend MP Damian Green.

Iran is being blamed for a cyber-attack against Parliamentary emails

The 23 June 12-hour brute force hack-attack against 9,000 parliamentary email accounts, including minsters and the PM, is now being blamed on Iran.

[updated] UK Parliament records "unauthorised attempts" to access MP accounts

Following the theft and attempted sale of login details believed to belong to MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, Parliament has confirmed it has seen "unauthorised attempts" to access "less than one percent" of those accounts.

Sir Julian King recommended for appointment to commissioner for Security Union of European Parliament

The Civil Liberties Committee recommends that Sir Julian King should be appointed as commissioner for Security Union.

Corbyn announces digital 'bill of rights'

The leader of the Labour party has announced his intention to draw up a digital bill of rights, installing a constitutional settlement for online privacy for UK citizens

Prosecution for breach-deniers says Liam Fox MP

Dr Liam Fox MP, Former Secretary of State for Defence has put forward several proposals in a speech yesterday at the Royal United Services Institute including prosecution for organisations that don't report their breaches.

NSA Whistleblower slams bulk collection in Snooper's Charter

William Binney, the former NSA technical director turned whistleblower gave evidence to the joint select committee on the Draft Investigatory powers bill with some unkind words for bulk collection and interception.

Crypto-ransomware hits UK Parliament network

The secure network of the UK parliament has been breached and some of its computers compromised by hackers.

GCHQ allowed to spy on politicians, says tribunal

After a legal challenge by Caroline Lucas MP and Baroness Jones a tribunal has made the "Wilson Doctrine" not legally binding.

Home Office leaks personal details of 1,600 illegal immigrants

The Home Office admits accidentally publishing the personal details of nearly 1,600 illegal immigrants.