Parliamentary Committee News, Articles and Updates

Commons committee lambasts ICO for lack of TalkTalk report

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee report on cyber-security opened with criticism of the ICO and then moved on to recommendations for escalating the visibility of cyber-security within organisations.

Revised Investigatory Powers Bill to be released later today

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill is to be published later today by the Home Office. Introduced last year, it came under fire for it's lack of clarity about privacy and security.

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill draws fire from Parliamentary committee

Myriad flaws in the draft Investigatory Powers Bill were highlighted by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, calling into question government's commitment to privacy

NSA Whistleblower slams bulk collection in Snooper's Charter

William Binney, the former NSA technical director turned whistleblower gave evidence to the joint select committee on the Draft Investigatory powers bill with some unkind words for bulk collection and interception.

Apple bites into, finds worms in Snoopers Charter

Apple has piled on the criticism of the Investigatory Powers Bill in its submission to the parliamentary committee overseeing the bill.