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Countdown to PSD2: Kill passwords to stay alive

Adopt dynamic authentication of customers for each interaction they perform, and do it as seamless and frictionless as possible: use the mobile devices we all carry. Too much is at stake to rely on shared secrets' as safeguards.

Researcher posts paper detailing US$100 iPhone 5C NAND mirroring device

Cambridge researcher Sergei Skorobogatov has released a paper detailing a proof-of-concept, which is accompanied by a YouTube video explaining how he is able to crack the iPhone 5c passcode screen.

LinkedinGate: industry reacts to

With the news of over 100 million user login credentials being stolen from online professional networking website LinkedIn, the industry offers it's viewpoints on passwords, the GDPR and LinkedIn's choice of encryption.

Emoji passwords get thumbs up for banking

Banking can be a rollercoaster of emotion, depending on the size of your bank balance, but one technology company is taking it to a new level.