Password-free logins adopted by Yahoo

News by Ava Fedorov

In a new approach to authentication technology, Yahoo is releasing its “on demand” passwords. Rather than the current two-step authentication, widely embraced as the most secure option for global tech companies, users are sent unique, time-sensitive codes via a mobile app or SMS text message each time they want to log in. This system eliminates the need for a primary permanent password tied to the account. Yahoo users who elect to use the technology will now see a “send my password” button in place to the traditional password text box.

Despite the optimism with which Yahoo is embracing this technology as “the first step to eliminating passwords,” the security of on demand passwords remains shaky and inferior to two-step authentication, which Yahoo also offers to its users. Though the convenience of being password free will attract many users to the technology, issues like the theft of mobile devices and account compromise will remain vulnerability factors.

The new on-demand password sign-on method is currently available to Yahoo users on their website.


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