Password Manager News, Articles and Updates

Severe security flaw found in Windows 10-bundled password manager

A Google researcher has uncovered a severe security flaw in a password management tool that has been widely bundled with Windows 10.

Inherent security flaws of single-sign-ons; 2FA without passwords urged

Raz Rafaeli suggests perhaps it's time to rethink authentication altogether, and eliminate password-based "something you know," the Achilles' heel of authentication. That leaves "something you have" and "something you are."

Sys Admins warned to be vigilant as OneLogin admits security breach

Amid fears that even encrypted data has been compromised by a breach of OneLogin, the company is advising customers to take extensive remediation steps.

LastPass bug could allow hackers to steal passwords and execute code

Google researcher Tavis Ormandy finds more flaws in the LastPass password manager, one affecting the Google Chrome extension and another affecting version 3.3.2 of its Firefox add-on.

Passwords begone: two LastPass vulns found and promptly fixed, update now!

Two security vulnerabilities have been found and fixed in password manager LastPass. One by prolific security-vulnerability finder Tavis Ormandy, and the other by Mathias Karlsson of Detectify Labs.

LinkedinGate: industry reacts to

With the news of over 100 million user login credentials being stolen from online professional networking website LinkedIn, the industry offers it's viewpoints on passwords, the GDPR and LinkedIn's choice of encryption.

Trend Micro patched flaws would let hackers execute malicious code

Trend Micro patched several critical flaws in Password Manager found by a Google Project Zero research that allowed hackers to execute malicious code.

What the hell do we do if password vaults aren't secure enough?

The news that the KeePass program can be hacked, allowing an attacker to stealthily decrypt login credentials, raises concerns for all password vaults.