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Blender 3D open source platform plagued with arbitrary code vulnerabilities

Cisco Talos researchers identified multiple unpatched vulnerabilities in the Blender Open Source 3D creation suite that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code.

Patch-me-if-you-can: security teams struggle to apply updates in time

Research from Bromium says security teams aren't being cut any slack on the patching front by software developers and their own organisations.

Automate patch management to keep your IT infrastructure top-notch

With cyber-crime on the increase, Mathivanan V says it's never been more important for organisations to keep their IT infrastructure updated.

WordPress pages defaced following patched bug disclosure

More than 100,000 WordPress web pages have been defaced, following last week's public disclosure of a patched vulnerability that allows attackers to remotely modify the content of pages and posts.

Zero day Windows SMB network file sharing bug may lead to DoS and BSOD

Admins must wait until Patch Tuesday for Microsoft to fix a memory corruption bug that could enable an attacker to leverage SMB to crash computers.

39% of UK organisations are less vulnerable than one year ago

Nearly 40 percent of UK companies are more secure than they were this time last year, however the threat and consequences of security breaches are still a priority for IT pros.

50% of IT pros find themselves overwhelmed by patch volume

Half of IT professionals are having a hard time keeping up with enterprise patching.

Patch madness! 273 vulnerabilities from four vendors in one week

When it comes to fixing vulnerabilities, this week will be hard to beat with just four vendors issuing a total of 273 patches. The big question is does that mean we are getting more, or less, secure?

How to solve a problem like security update apathy?

When a high percentage of users have unpatched systems and unpatched programs, as found in a recent Secunia report, can you protect them from themselves?

ICYMI: Aviation risk; netgear patch delay; legal threats; android malware variants; SSL weakness

This week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Aviation risk warning; netgear patch delay; vulnerability disclosure -legal threats; android SMS malware variants; SSL weakness exploited for phishing.

Heartburn: 200,000 devices 'still susceptible' to Heartbleed bug

As the patching cycle becomes ever longer, some experts are pushing for mandatory security updating of critical IoT devices.

Zero-day exploit hits fully patched Macs

OS X 10.10 has a vulnerability that allows hackers to install malware without system passwords

Stuxnet flaw remained unpatched for four years

In its latest 'Patch Tuesday' notice, Microsoft issued 14 security bulletins including fixes for the Freak flaw and the Stuxnet worm - which was thought to have been patched five years ago.

Wiping the flaws: Why it's time to get smarter about patch management

Monolithic operating systems will attract attackers, and speed to market will trump security, so expect patches and be intelligent about how vulnerabilities are fixed says Raimund Genes.

18 of 25 top vulnerable mobile apps remain unpatched

The McAfee Labs Threats Report: February 2015 demonstrates how failure to patch is leaving mobile apps exposed to SSL vulnerabilities.

CISOs: Out of step with their own security teams?

CISOs are increasingly taking on greater management responsibilities - but are they as a result being divorced from their firm's true security maturity and the tools needed to avoid being breached?

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday preview will no longer be made public

Microsoft said the change to its patching was made because customers no longer use the previewing system the same way they did in the past.

Who polices the security service?

Questions need to be asked of Patch Tuesday and Microsoft's approach to it, says Robert Brown.

Microsoft issues out-of-band patch to Windows Kerberos

Microsoft has very unusually released an `out-of-band' security patch to fix a vulnerability in Windows - and Windows Server - that hackers are reportedly exploiting to compromise IT networks.

300,000 servers still vulnerable to Heartbleed bug

Two-and-a-half months on from the discovery of the Heartbleed bug affecting OpenSSL security, and one security researcher claims that the flaw still affects 300,000 servers.

Breaking the refresh cycle

The cycle of updating software at the end of life has, itself, reached its end of life with managed services the way ahead says Kevin Linsell

Internet of Things - Top Ten concerns

Mark O'Neill suggests that his top ten potential vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), need to be considered now, before mass deployment.

Patching: the unlocked door

With Windows XP fast approaching its end-of-support deadline, many firms are going to be at risk of attack, reports Kate O'Flaherty.

Microsoft rushes out patches to stay ahead of cyber crooks

Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday security fixes for its products included two last-minute updates that show the company rushing to respond to the escalating pace of cyber attacks.