This month's Patch Tuesday from Microsoft is set to be ‘taxing' for security managers.

Andrew Clarke, senior vice president, international at Lumension,k claimed that with three critical updates to address, the bulletin will create disruption.

Clarke said: “The first critical update affects all major Microsoft platforms in use by organisations today (S2003, S2008, XP and Vista.) Given that this patch requires a mandatory reboot, IT leaders and their organisations should be prepared for the disruption that can accompany the process of rebooting all Microsoft systems.”

He further claimed that the update issued for the critical flaw in Direct X will not address the ActiveX vulnerability that currently has exploits in the wild.
“Given the apparent speed of exploit proliferation being reported in the media, we believe there is a good possibility that Microsoft will issue an out-of-band patch soon," said Clarke.

“Until then, we suggest that organisations take the need to mitigate this risk very seriously and proactively look at alternative methods to protect their organisations until a patch for the ActiveX vulnerability is released from Microsoft. To that end, we recommend the workaround instructions provided by Microsoft last Monday.”