Pawn Storm News, Articles and Updates

Pawn Storm readied attacks against US political and Olympic targets

The cyber-espionage gang Pawn Storm, also known as Fancy Bear and affiliated with Russian intelligence, targeted US senators in a cyber-espionage reminiscent of the one launched against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Bears continue to maul anti-dopers

Fancy Bear are continuing to target the western sports establishment, publishing a series of emails from inside the World Anti Doping Agency, illustrating a number of small allegedly scandalous details from inside the organisation.

Intelligence officials have 'high confidence' Russian gov hacked DNC

Highly placed intelligence officials are pretty sure that the hackers who breached the Democratic party just over a month ago were backed by the Russian government.

Pawn Storm targets Turkish government, says Trend Micro

Trend Micro has identified what it believes to be the APT group Pawn Storm's fingerprints all over recent attacks on Turkish government departments.

How Pawn Storm uses Fysbis as a Linux backdoor

The cyber-espionage group Pawn Storm has been using Fysbis malware as a backdoor that allows the group to infect Linux systems.

Russian Pawn Storm APT group spied on punk band and others

Trend Micro says the Russian APT group, Pawn Storm, has been spying on domestic targets, including the punk rock band known as Pussy Riot.