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Trustwave: 63 percent of breaches observed targeted payment card data

New report from security company Trustwave illustrates a wave of crime looking to steal payment information from those in the hospitality, retail and food and beverage industries.

Stronger authentication and a great customer experience can coexist

Sunil Gossain discusses the revised Directive on Payment Services and what it means for the industry.

Heightened payment security could hamper usability, says Visa

The European Commission's European Banking Authority has detailed plans to heighten payment security, however payment provider worry this could greatly hamper usability.

Kevin Smith appointed as senior payments services & risk management consultant at BeCyberSure

BeCyberSure has appointed Kevin Smith as senior payments services & risk management consultant and industry advisor.

UK orgs must adopt higher security requirements to pay staff

If UK businesses don't accommodate higher security requirements by 19 September, they could miss salary payments.

ICYMI: Windows deprecating SHA-1; Apps leaking data; Safe Harbour II; Auto-rooting adware; Apple Pay

In Case You Missed It: the most popular articles from the past seven days. Windows accelerates SHA-1 deprecation, Too many apps leaking personal data, Safe Harbour 2 coming soon, Apps auto-rooting Android devices, and Bank warning to Apple Pay users.

How does PCI DSS 3.0 affect you?

Suspicious activity now needs to be monitored in the entire processing chain, hence implementing PCI DSS 3.0 helps stop attacks before compromises occur says Ross Brewer.

Security researcher wins £6,000 after finding critical PayPal flaw

Egyptian cyber-security researcher Yasser Ali has won US$ 10,000 (£6,384.28) in a bug bounty after finding a flaw in the PayPal global payment system that would allow any of its 150 million-plus customer accounts to be hijacked with a single click.

Is the Isle of Man the world's crypto-currency capital?

Regulation and infrastructure from off-shore finance and gaming industries are being leveraged to make the Isle of Man a centre for cypto-currencies says Peter Greenhill.

Visa contactless hack takes a million units of any foreign currency

Visa is acting to prevent attacks on its contactless cards using a flaw found by Newcastle University researchers while dismissing the findings as "no cause for concern".

Card fraud costing small businesses dearly says research

Small businesses are easy prey to fraud - Dave Hobday, Worldpay

Teenage Aussie hacker reveals PayPal flaw

17-year-old hacker divides industry opinion by going public before PayPal fixes problem.

Sink or swim - Titanic lessons for cyber security

CHAPS' Mark Hale drew an interesting parallel between cyber defence and the sinking of RMS Titanic in London yesterday.

Operation Echo smashes Bulgarian cybercrime gang

Complete counterfeit card production kits confiscated - plans to draw cash at magnetic stripe card-using ATMs in Asia thwarted

Anonymous Ukraine credit card leak is old data

Last week's reports of Anonymous Ukraine obtaining and leaking seven million credit card details may be erroneous, with the data having apparently been disclosed in older data breaches.

'Off-the-shelf' malware targets POS systems

Hackers are using "relatively unsophisticated" malware bought on the black market to target vulnerable point-of-sale (POS) systems, according to a new report.

Half of users pay for their AV

Anti-Virus software: to pay or not to pay? That is the question.

MtGox closure hits 1 million investors and sends Bitcoin value tumbling

Digital currency faces "life-or-death" moment, says BBC's Robert Peston.

PCI compliance: The slow road to progress

PCI DSS 3.0 may be on the horizon, but a new study suggests that companies are not only slow in updating, but also approaching compliance in the wrong way.

Zeus and Citadel the biggest banking botnets of 2013

A new report from Dell SecureWorks' Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team breaks down the biggest banking botnets from last year, and reveals that 900 financial institutions from around the globe have been targeted.

Bitcoin exchanges hit by malformed code DDoS attacks

"Using this means of attack on an Internet-connected exchange is a no-brainer from the cyber criminal's perspective" - Professor John Walker, Nottingham-Trent University

London Police-BBA cyber crime partnership gets mixed response

The City of London police has partnered with the British Bankers' Association (BBA) to tackle cyber crime, but the alliance has already come under criticism from one cyber security expert.

US hotel franchise investigates customer data breach

White Lodging, a company which maintains the Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin hotel franchises in the US, is looking into claims that guest credit and debit card information may have been compromised.

Hactivists deface eBay and PayPal websites

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is claiming responsibility for a DNS hack on the UK websites of eBay and PayPal over the weekend.

ChewBacca malware hits retailers in 11 countries

A new point of sale-based Trojan called ChewBacca has been used to steal payment card and personal customer data from dozens of retailers across 11 countries, according to RSA.

US DOJ to investigate Target data breach

The US Department of Justice launches investigation into Target breach. Could other retailers be hit by the same kind of attack?

Police smash financial cyber crime gang targeting UK citizens

Pan-European cyber crime fighting agency EC3 has been hailed after Polish police arrested five Bulgarians accused of electronic payment card fraud targeting mainly UK citizens.

First Bluetooth card skimming arrest case in US

"It's so lucrative that you arrest a couple of people - then there are a couple of people right behind them that do the same thing."