PayPal suffers service interruption but praised for updates and treatment of customers

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PayPal was hit by a service interruption issue that affected the ability to send and receive money.

PayPal was hit by a service interruption issue that affected the ability to send and receive money.

The interruption was first alerted by spokesman Anuj Nayar, who claimed that PayPal was experiencing site issues and later confirmed that the issue was due to a network hardware failure internally at PayPal.

Scott Guilfoyle, senior vice president of technology at PayPal, apologised to all users for the interruption and explained that the failure resulted in a service interruption for all PayPal users worldwide at around 10:30am PT on Monday.

Guilfoyle said: “Everyone in our organisation focused immediately on identifying the issue and getting PayPal up and running again. We accomplished that in about an hour. By approximately 3pm PT, full service was restored across our platform.

“We're now working to fully understand how we can prevent such a service interruption from ever happening again. We're also reaching out to merchants to discuss the impact this interruption had on their businesses. Nothing is more important than our relationship with our customers, and the trust you have in PayPal. Thanks for your patience today, and for using PayPal.”

Writing on the Finextra Research blog, reporter Matt White praised PayPal for making the effort to inform its users and gave the firm credit for the way it handled the problem.

White said: “Compare and contrast with the way banks deal with similar problems. I know from bitter experience how difficult it can be to get any kind of explanation from them when their websites fall over.

“As a reporter you're lucky if a spokesman answers the phone and if they do you're unlikely to get much detail. It's even more difficult for a customer, who has to spend hours on hold waiting for someone in a call centre to (maybe) explain what's going on.”


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