More than ten per cent of PC and laptop users have no anti-virus software at all.


According to a survey conducted by Steganos, many users are woefully unaware of the privacy and security software and settings on their computers


Many users do not know what software is running on their computers to ensure they had adequate protection from hackers, malware, viruses, ‘dirty' websites, and other online threats. 

More than one-tenth of respondents said they did not have any anti-virus software installed on their machines at all, while a further nine per cent did not know if anti-virus was installed. Almost one-fifth of respondents did not know if they had firewalls installed. 

Sixty per cent of respondents did not have privacy software installed, and a further quarter did not know whether they did or not. When asked if they knew what the privacy settings were on their browser, over half admitted they didn't know. 

Michael Marzy, managing director for Steganos, said: “When you consider the alarming number of threats facing computer users today, and our reliance on the data we keep on our computers, the results of this survey are shocking.


“To find that consumers don't even know what software they are using strongly suggests that as an industry we need to keep educating users.”