New Net Technologies (NNT) has launched the next version of its Change Tracker and Log Tracker Enterprise software.

Designed to manage the file integrity monitoring, system hardening and configuration change monitoring aspects of the PCI standard, the Change Tracker enables organisations to audit IT systems for vulnerabilities and then set a baseline to monitor changes to configurations, file systems, registries and settings.

According to the company, Version 5 adds analytical capabilities to cater for both real-time and historic summary reporting. These include real-time alerting on any file integrity changes, while file and configuration changes are delivered to the user's inbox with ‘at a glance' summarised reports.

Meanwhile, NNT said its Log Tracker deals with event log management, and its multi-platform correlation enables organisations to gather and review logs daily from all devices.

It said that a key feature of version five is pre-defined audit trails for PCI requirement ten (Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data) which are used in conjunction with intelligent ‘self-learning' technology to identify and automate alert thresholds.

Mark Kerrison, CEO at NNT, said: “Our strategy has been to build a software solution set that is a match to our customers' needs. We believe that the days of needing to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on this type of solution are over.

“Software development techniques have moved on and the days of PCI-DSS knowledge being at a premium have gone. We are now able to innovate at a much lower cost base, which allows us to provide world-class solutions at a fraction of the cost.”