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Video: Outlandish hacking demo shows how fragile cars can be caught up with Pen Test Partners' Ken Munro at InfoSec 2016 to talk about how he recently hacked his own Mitusbishi Outlander Hybrid

Wireless hack could result in Mitsubishi cars being stolen

The alarm can be disabled and the battery drained, researchers claim

'Boycott VTech', say Pen Test Partners

Ken Munro of Pen Test partners has said that VTech toys should be boycotted after the company announced it was no longer responsible for customers' data.

Yet more VTech vulnerabilites exposed

The security consultancy Pen Test Partners has found major security vulnerabilities in VTech devices, only adding to the bill of mistakes that the toy company has made over the past weeks.

Unencrypted GoPro updates leave users vulnerable to attack

GoPro Studio tool sends update requests, receives updates as unencrypted traffic