Perimeter News, Articles and Updates

Securing access in the perimeter-less era

As enterprises no longer have distinct boundaries defined by inside and outside the firewall, gaining visibility on the health of devices connecting to their network is more critical than ever.

Fear of system compromise up some 50% among IT pros as perimeter dissolves

Concerns around compromise increase among IT pros in the face of major breaches at even the most security aware organisations, highlighting muddled responses to softening perimeter.

Five steps to creating a secure software defined environment

Security is needed everywhere within the software-defined data centre as physical security is no longer an adequate defence against current threats says Dr Gerhard Knecht.

Firewalls 20 years on: Gil Shwed interview

Mobiles and the cloud may have subverted the idea of perimeter protection, but some 20 years after launching FireWall-1, Check Point founder Gil Shwed tells SC that there's still a security role for the Firewall.

The end of penetration testing in sight?

With the attack surface, or perimeter, expanding exponentially, and attackers inside the network, the focus should now be on finding and stoping them - concentrating on how data leaves the system - says Chris Marrison.

8 in 10 infosec pros think perimeter security can combat APTs

A new survey from Lieberman Software reveals that almost eight in ten IT security professionals believe that perimeter security technologies like firewalls and anti-malware solutions are sufficient in defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs).

RSA 2014: CISOs must move beyond perimeter-based security

In an age of advanced attacks and insider threats, traditional perimeter-based security just doesn't cut it, argue two leading InfoSec experts.

Security is embraced, but often bypassed, says Voltage Security

Eighty-five per cent of employees say that security has added value to their company, while 40 per cent say security limits their ability to move information around.