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Despite advancements, employees still practice bad cyber-hygiene, study

Despite the majority of consumers being afraid of having their personal data compromised by a breach, employees are still continuing to engage in risky behaviour.

Equifax data breach may have exposed a wider range of data

Equifax revealed to a US Senate committee in a document that even more personal data than had been originally reported may have been exposed during last year's massive data breach the credit monitoring company experienced.

Half of IT professionals question the safety of their personal data

IT decision makers across Europe are worried about how many organisations can access their personal data and have low levels of trust in the IT security capabilities of their industry peers.

Data on 31 million users leaked by smartphone keyboard app

After the developer of virtual keyboard app Ai.Type left a 577GB Mongo-hosted database unsecured, personal data on more than 31 million customers was exposed to anyone who has an internet connection.

Singapore armed forces lose servicemen's personal data

On Tuesday Singapore's armed forces were hit by revelations that the personal data belonging to some 850 servicemen was stolen.

Millions of Russians still losing personal data online

Millions of Russians are still losing personal data online thanks to using vulnerable websites and being hacked.

Eckoh reveals five common myths on sharing personal data

UK consumers are exposing themselves to risk as they have little understanding of the complexities surrounding the security of their personal data.

Cancer clinic's customer data stolen

Yet another breach on a medical organisation has meant the theft of names, diagnoses, treatments and social security numbers.

Financial system breached at UC Berkeley campus, exposing 80K records

San Francisco's UC Berkeley has been hit with a breach and the 80,000 records have been exposed

What's all this then? America's largest police union hacked

Security researcher, CthulhuSec has released a data dump of thousands of internal files from America's largest police union handed to him by an unknown hacker.

Consumers wise up to protecting their data

Consumers are finally beecoming aware of the value of their data, and show preference to companies that protect it.

EA denies breach after user accounts details leaked

After 600 of it's users' account details were leaked online, EA denies that it was breached.

Scammers and schemers look to cash in on Ashley Madison breach

Blackmailers are seeking money in exchange for not releasing data, and scammers are offering services that supposedly remove Ashley Madison data.

Share your contact details with us - and 100s of our customers - says WH Smith

WH Smith has had to apologise for leaking personal information about its customers to hundreds of other customers in a contact form malfunction.

ICO scolds British police for poor data handling

A new report from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) reveals how few police forces are adhering to the full requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

First Bluetooth card skimming arrest case in US

"It's so lucrative that you arrest a couple of people - then there are a couple of people right behind them that do the same thing."

Fake Asos voucher scam tricks discount seekers

Scammers are targeting discount hunters with fake vouchers.

Security issues raised on Gmail's automatic image display

Google has tweaked Gmail so that users can now see images in-line with their emails, but the change could compromise the client's security.

Home Office leaks personal details of 1,600 illegal immigrants

The Home Office admits accidentally publishing the personal details of nearly 1,600 illegal immigrants.