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New email scam targeting accounts personnel at Fortune 500 companies

Criminals impersonate legitimate email accounts to initiate wire transfer fraud. Security researchers have uncovered an active Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaign targeting Accounts Payable personnel at Fortune 500.

Why a company's greatest vulnerability is its people

While Snowden, high-profile data breaches and hacking dominate the headlines, the more pernicious risk to business continues to be simple human error, says Tony Pepper.

Information security: 'Not my problem'

Information security is always someone else's problem, according to senior non-IT executives in a survey commissioned by NTT Com Security.

Is your organisation ready for the next generation of millennials?

A different attitude to privacy and security among many new workplace entrants is a potential risk that has to be managed says Chris Sullivan.

50% of corporate passwords crackable within a few minutes

Security admins need to be more creative when it comes to developing security systems, says Adrian Davis of ISC(2).

Why we need a tighter framework for social engineering penetration testing

Protect against real-world threats and test the most likely scenarios using relevant models, including low-tech, says Gavin Watson.

Why businesses fear the cloud

Cloud storage will be a hacking magnet suggests David Emm, with the most vulnerable point of entry for attackers being staff.

Cyber reserves call on private sector

When the UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced he was establishing a Joint Cyber Reserve to create a cyber attack capability, reaction focussed on the 'attack' angle, but further questions also arose.