PGP Corporation has announced the launch of two mobile security encryption solutions.

PGP Portable and PGP Mobile 9.10 are designed to address critical challenges facing organisations that share portable data and secure email on smartphones. PGP Portable is an extension of the PGP Encryption platform and provides self-contained encryption on any removable storage device or optical media, including USB sticks, CDs and DVDs.

The PGP Mobile 9.10 also now includes encryption for email and email attachments (both stored and in transit) on Windows Mobile smartphones, extending PGP's multi-platform support.

Phillip Dunkelberger, president and CEO at PGP, said: “People are the new corporate perimeter - whether they are employees, suppliers, partners or consultants - carrying sensitive data on mobile storage devices and smartphones that can be easily lost or stolen.

“If the email and data is not protected on these devices, organisations face a huge risk in data breaches and failure to meet compliance. With PGP Portable and PGP Mobile 9.10, PGP Corporation is helping businesses manage the risk involved with today's ever present mobile technology.”