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PGP Whole Disk Encryption





£91 (includes one year of support)

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Strengths: Many easy to use encryption functions, with support available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Weaknesses: PGP Universal Server must be purchased separately for central management

Verdict: Typical strong Symantec performance but needs additional product to work

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PGP Whole Disk Encryption from Symantec enables users to encrypt a whole disk. They can also take advantage of many other features, such as PGP Virtual Disk that creates a virtual encrypted volume, PGP Zip that allows for creation of self-decrypting zip packages and pre-boot authentication, which allows users to assign a password to the machine at boot ensuring greater security.

The installation of this product is quite straightforward and is started by launching the installer on the machine and running through an installation wizard. Once this is complete all management is done through the installed application. We found this to be easy and intuitive to use via the well-organised management application.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption can be deployed throughout the enterprise using the PGP Universal Server. This server allows for full policy and Active Directory synchronisation across the entire enterprise environment. It can also be deployed across different platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which provides for a great amount of deployment flexibility.

Documentation provided with this product included a quick-start guide and a user guide in PDF format. The quick-start guide illustrated the necessary initial installation and configuration steps and the user guide provided in-depth usage and configuration details for using and managing the product and its features. Both guides included many screenshots and step-by-step configuration instructions in an easy to follow format.

Symantec offers several levels of support with various options. Customers get bronze support for the first year included in the purchase of the product, which includes web-based assistance and access to a user forum. Other options available include phone and email help, account managers and classroom training, as well as 8/5, 24/5 and 24/7 availability.

At a price of just over £90 per user we find this product to be great value for the money. PGP Whole Disk Encryption offers many features above just whole disk encryption that are easy to use and understand.

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