Phishing messages are renowned for their poor grammar and atrocious spelling mistakes, however a new depth has been plunged according to MX Logic's Sam Masiello. 

The company intercepted a phishing email that targets the US Treasury, with the message claiming to have ome from the US Treasury Support Center and has a subject line containing the words "Federal Reserve Bank" with various other words/phrases like "Attention" or "Read Carefully" either prepended or appended in an effort to grab the attention of the reader.

However Masiello claimed that he 'found two things most interesting in this case: 1) The actual email does not do anything to convince the user that they have to do something RIGHT NOW in order to avoid some loss of privilege or convenience (e.g. their online bank account will get locked out) as most do.  2) (and in my opinion the more comical) The URL in the email contains the word "phishing" in it'.

"Now, I understand that the phishing reference is likely in relation to the content of the message, but I found it simultaneously funny and ironic that an obvious scam would risk tipping off a would-be victim by including a word that would set off as many red flags with someone as obvious as 'phishing'", said Masiello.  

Proof, as if it were needed, that you don't have to be a genius to be a phisher, but it takes a little more to be bad one.