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Charities across UK are vulnerable to CEO fraud, warns Charity Commission

The Charity Commission recently shot out alerts to charities across the UK, warning them that cyber-criminals posing as CEOs or senior executives at charities could launch phishing attacks on employees.

Phishing via social media up 100 percent, now a preferred vector

The most interesting trend to surface in Q4 of RiskIQ's phishing report was a 100 percent increase in phishing campaigns leveraging social media platforms, accounting for 20 percent of the top-ten most phished brands.

Widespread security inertia leaving enterprises vulnerable to hackers

Even though enterprises across the world face varied cyber-threats in the form of ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, and attacks on unsecured data stored in the cloud, alarming levels of security inertia hold them back.

Study shows which phishing attacks most successful

People are very predictable when it comes to designing phishing attacks that appeal to a potential victims with people most likely to click on messages concerning money.

Apparent Korean actor 'Group123' linked to six phishing campaigns

Researchers have attributed six separate phishing campaigns targeting South Koreans in either 2017 or 2018 to a single threat actor called "Group123."

2018 Winter Olympics being used as phishing attack bait

The opening ceremony for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea is still a month away, but cyber-criminals have already started using it as part of their social engineering plans in several phishing attacks.

Third of UK cyber-security execs expect to be hacked: report

Ransomware, phishing attacks and data loss are the three biggest issues that concern UK cyber-security executives.

Healthcare phishing attacks - Is the NHS next and how can it prepare?

The healthcare sector is vulnerable to cyber-attack, keeping a lot of personal data that attackers are increasingly targetting, and the NHS needs to get its defences in place now says Stuart Robb.

Loose talk on social media big security risk for firms, says Kaspersky

Social media users are largely unaware of the value to attackers of personal information they are freely sharing with friends and strangers alike, warns Kaspersky Lab.

Small businesses are losing money to cyber-criminals

SMEs are at greater risk from the consequences of cyber-attack, less able to recover, with more mission-critical data on a single machine, so educating themselves about mitigating the risk is essential says Andrew Conway.

How do we tackle SMS spear phishing?

It didn't take much time following internet connections on mobile phones to become commonplace for scammers to realise they had another avenue for phishing attacks, says Claire Cassar.

Russian Pawn Storm APT group spied on punk band and others

Trend Micro says the Russian APT group, Pawn Storm, has been spying on domestic targets, including the punk rock band known as Pussy Riot.