Phishing Campaign News, Articles and Updates

Lazarus Group back from the dead - again - with renewed phishing campaign

Hacker group Lazarus has renewed a phishing campaign it launched, but instead of injecting malware to access enterprise IT environments, the group is now injecting implants to identify those running Bitcoin-related software.

Russian hackers attacked Bellingcat investigators over MH17

Security firms says Fancy Bear group tried to put the frighteners on journalists over their research into passenger aircraft shot down over the Ukraine two years ago.

Fake LinkedIn profiles, 'convincing' network linked to Iran-based group

The CTU, the Dell SecureWorks research team, uncovered fake LinkedIn profiles and an extensive, convincing network created by the Iran-based Threat Group 2889.

Researchers uncover possible Iranian-backed phishing scam

Canadian researchers at Citizen Lab released a report today describing a phishing campaign being conducted against Iranian dissidents and how utilising a two-factor authentication (2FA) tool helped foil most of the attacks.

Phishing campaign strikes UK and US companies

A phishing campaign discovered by Proofpoint aims at UK and US organisations.