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Safe and secure — how KVM solutions can improve cyber-security efforts

As an additional layer that sits on top of a business' infrastructure, KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions are often seamlessly integrated within the workflows and processes of employees, and can deliver numerous benefits.

Planes, trains and automobiles: the importance of privacy and data security

The fact is that 'shoulder-surfing' or 'visual hacking' is a threat to organisational data that is just as serious as any other, and not one to be ignored.

Protecting data against attacks - cyber and otherwise

The 'CIA' approach - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability - is regarded as the pinnacle of data security. Of these, perhaps the most important component is 'Availability' says Dirk Paessler.

New research shows CCTV cameras still a soft target

A new report, which surveyed of a cross-section of UK social housing providers, found that while almost 60 percent of respondents are aware that their CCTV systems are vulnerable to being hacked, 30 percent don't know how to make their system more secure.

Are our data centres insecure?

Vectra Networks is claiming that attackers are turning their attention to data centres. Are our data centres as secure as we think they are?