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Intel AMT security issue lets attackers bypass laptop login credentials

Insecure defaults in Intel AMT allow an intruder to completely bypass user and BIOS passwords and TPM and Bitlocker PINs to backdoor almost any corporate laptop in a matter of seconds.

Smartphone sensors exploited to steal login PINs

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed a technique to leverage a phones sensors to guess a user's PIN code.

Video: PIN is still the secret sauce for simple, effective security

Protecting consumers' online digital personas is as important for the organisations collecting the data as it is for the people who are putting their faith in them.

Online fraud transactions to more than double by 2020, study says

Online fraud transactions are expected to reach $25.6 billion (£17.6bn) by 2020, up from $10.7 billion (£7.4B) last year. Meaning that by the end of the decade, $4 (£2.7) in every $1,000 (£687) of online payments will be fraudulent.

US still lags on chip and pin for card security

Speaking at a US Federal Reserve conference in Missouri, Jerome Powell called EMV card deployment a step forward but questioned the security of cards that use signatures, not PINs, for authentication.