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The key to IT resiliency: security and disaster recovery working together

Truly resilient IT plans combine security and recovery so in the event an attack does infiltrate the firewall, it is critical that organisations have a plan that allows for rapid recovery and business operations as usual as quickly as possible.

NATO drawing up cyber counterattack contingency plans

Several NATO members are contemplating a change in the alliance's doctrine regarding how it might react to future cyber-attacks, possibly enabling a more robust response.

Budget: tech & skills investment welcome, why no mention of cyber-security?

The UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, announced his autumn budget today, and while it was a pro-tech budget, he had nothing to say specifically about cyber-security, hence the industry has had a lot to say about his plans.

Collaboration is the key to driving IoT security innovation

Innovation in the IoT may be rapid, but security trails far behind. Nick Cook looks at why securing the IoT must be a priority, not an afterthought, and how collaborative action is fundamental to ensuring its successful future.

Crunch time for GDPR - how to prepare. Eight steps to compliance.

All organisations based at least partially online and handling data across the EU must comply with the new GDPR rules yet 69 percent of UK businesses are not ready. Being unprepared is dangerous warns Dr Jamie Graves.

Friend or foe?: Which of your networked devices might turn on you?

Kinetic attacks have come off the movie screen and into reality, and you are likely to be vulnerable - if not directly, then via collateral damage if CNI is hit - so include the possibility on your risk register and prepare says Graeme Park.

Clapham Junction incident - a model for disaster recovery? Not without practice

When Clapham Junction train station ejected everyone after being overwhelmed by an unexpected event last week the problem became one of resilience - and the impact of pre-planning came to the fore.

Video: Building blocks of IT security 2 - Design and development

In instalment two of his four-part viewpoint series, Tony Collings outlines the design and development phase of the project - the key challenge: getting the solution right.

Video: Building blocks of IT security 1 - Establishing the requirement

In instalment one of his four-part viewpoint series, Tony Collings outlines the first of his essential building blocks for the successful implementation of an IT project: have you got the business requirement right?

Germany's approach to securing critical infrastructure - a benchmark for others?

Wolfgang Kandek notes that a key concern for countries securing critical infrastructure is ensuring legislation compliance doesn't limit flexibility, and asks if new German laws might provide a benchmark.