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ICYMI: Hotel ransom; Router botnet; Gamer breach; Data loss; insiders

In Case You Missed It: Hotel ransomware report; Routers hijacked for botnet; X-Box, Playstation breach; Data centre vulnerability; insiders paid for secrets.

User details released for 2.5 million PlayStation and Xbox gamers

User details from a 2015 hack of Playstation and Xbox forums have recently been released providing yet another reminder to ensure you don't re-use passwords.

PSN hacked! Server outage on launch day of Battlefield 1

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is reportedly down worldwide on the same day as the launch of Battlefield 1, one of the network's biggest games.

PlayStation and Xbox stood strong through Christmas, but not without bugs

Despite looming threats the Xbox Live service and PlayStation Network (PSN) weren't shut down by any massive DDoS attacks.

All cyber-gangs want for Christmas is to shut down Xbox and PlayStation

Cyber-gangs set out to ruin Christmas with massive DDoS attacks against popular gaming networks Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.