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Pair of WordPress plug-ins inject malicious scripts to deliver unwanted ads

Two malicious plug-ins were recently discovered injecting obfuscated JavaScript into WordPress websites to generate advertisements that appear if a visitor clicks anywhere on the page.

Government websites, including ICO, hit by cryptocurrency mining campaign

More than 5,000 sites, including sites belonging to the NHS, ICO, local councils and the Student Loans Company were hit by a cryptocurrency mining campaign that exploited a popular plug-in to infect sites with a malicious script.

Developer raises concerns about MD5 hashing algorithm in Wordpress

As Wordpress plugin developer Wordfence raises concerns about security, Davey Winder asks if there isn't a bigger problem with the continued use of MD5 hashing.

WordPress Summer of Pwnage: 64 holes in 21 days

As the Pwnage summer heat rages on, hackers find 64 holes in popular publishing platform, WordPress