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Strengths: Works great for pin lock out and encryption

Weaknesses: Only delivers encryption. No RIM/BlackBerry support, pricey support

Verdict: Nice add on solution for delivering lock out and encryption support to portable devices

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Check Point's Pointsec Mobile v.3.4.3 is an endpoint device encryption solution for smartphones and PDAs. The platform includes support for Symbian, Palm and Windows mobile operating systems. The Pointsec Administration Console is a centralised administration tool that enables you to create and manage accounts, to deploy Pointsec security modules and provide Remote Help to Pointsec users, manage dynamic password tokens used to authenticate users and manage Pointsec Administration Console log files.

We loaded Pointsec Administration Console and Pointsec Mobile on our Windows 2003 server. We synchronised the Samsung smartphone that was supplied for the review to our Windows XP workstation. Both applications loaded with ease and were up and running in minutes.

Using the Pointsec Administration Console, the administrator can create security policies, set the device lock out feature and set what kind of files and folders should be encrypted on the device. The device lock out feature replaces the devices factory lock out. Pointsec mobile also supports encryption of external memory cards. These cards can be shared with users with the appropriate software installed. The policy can allow for the use of removable media, allow you to encrypt the removable media and allow the sharing of encrypted removable media among devices with Pointsec agents.

Logging and reporting are fairly trivial for an enterprise product. We were also surprised that event notification was not integrated. Events are logged for things such as account addition and deletion, rights added or removed from an account and successful land failed authentications. The log file is stored in a text file and can be viewed using the Administration Console.

The documentation was good; installs were very straight forward, but the documentation was needed for the client policy builds. It was hard to tell what was available in the basic support offering but it appears to include phone and email support. Various upgraded support options are available, from 20 to 40 per cent of the price.

This solution installed easily, was simple to use and provided a nice platform for encryption on the supported portable platforms.

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