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Newsbite: Polish police arrest prolific ransomware cyber-criminal

A Polish national using the online name "Armaged0n" was arrested by the Polish Police, in cooperation with the Belgian Federal Police and Europol on suspicion of having used ransomware to encrypt several thousand computers.

Defence minister says Poland fended off Russian cyber-attack on businesses

Poland's defence minister reportedly disclosed that his country successfully stopped yet another Russian cyber-attack.

Poland must be wary of Russia's renewed appetite for cyber-warfare

Successful attacks on American democratic institutions may increase Russian appreciation of what can be achieved in cyber-warfare, says Joanna Świątkowska.

Slovak Finance Ministry drafts country's first cyber-security law

Slovakia is in the process of drafting its first cyber-security law which will address not only the security of finance and health but also critical utilities infrastructure.

CYBERSEC 2016: Cyber-security in the heart of Europe [Video]

The challenges facing the central and eastern Europe (CEE) region are revealed in these three video interviews with speakers at CYBERSEC 2016 in Krakow, Poland last week.

CYBERSEC Poland: State sector challenged over cooperation

No countries are cyber ready. That was the message from Melissa Hathaway, author of the Cyber Readiness Index and former presidential advisor at the first opening plenary speech at CYBERSEC 2016.

Cyber-security - turning a threat into an opportunity for Poland

Dr Joanna Świątkowska says that a comprehensive, multi-dimensional strategy in necessary for cyber-defence, and for Poland, the need for national defence is an opportunity to build an export business in cyber-security.

ICYMI: BT outage; Euro CNI vulnerable; 4 rail attacks; Polish telecom hack: ransomware uses cloud

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at BT outage; Euro CNI vulnerable; 4 rail attacks; Polish telco breached; ransomware uses cloud

'Right Sector' hackers attempt to blackmail Polish government

A group claiming to be a far-right Ukrainian nationalist group has attempted to blackmail the Polish ministry of defence.

Polish telecom suffers major data breach following hack

Customer data including bank details entered on web forms lost in major data breach at Polish telecom operator.

GozNym banking malware spotted in Europe

IBM's X-Force reported today the actors behind the hybrid GozNym banking trojan have released a new configuration that is targeting European banks.

Python malware slithers its way into European organisations

A strain of malicious code written entirely in Python, dubbed PWOBot, has been discovered infecting a number of organisations based in Europe, specifically in Poland.

Polish government drafts cyber-security strategy, eyes new cyber-security institution

The Polish government has drafted a new cyber-security strategy as part of plans to encourage growth.

Poland's Digital Ministry to overhaul national cyber-security policy amid Russian fears

Poland moves to unify cyber-security response and bolster its defences in the wake of Russian hybrid warfare against neighbouring Ukraine.