British consumers believe the police, banks and credit card companies are failing to do enough to tackle card fraud, new figures show.

According to a survey by identity authentication company GrIDsure, eight out of ten people feel the police and financial organisations regard card-related crime as inevitable and more than half of respondents think not enough is being done to investigate incidents of card fraud.

The current chip-and-pin system, used by the majority of UK retailers, also comes in for criticism in the research. More than 50 per cent of people questioned said they struggle to remember different pin numbers for various cards.

What’s more, 87 per cent of respondents said they want extra security when carrying out card transactions without the need for additional devices, such as key fob tokens.

“People want to be protected from card fraud just like from other forms of crime,” said Jonathan Craymer, chairman of GrIDsure. “The current system, under which it is up to card companies rather than the card holders to report incidents to the police, makes people feel helpless, and many feel the issue is being swept under the carpet.”