Police have recovered a computer server that was stolen from a company that specialises in gathering mobile phone evidence to help track suspected terrorists.

Computer equipment, including the server, was snatched by thieves from the premises of Forensic Telecommunications Services (FTS) in Kent on 12 August.

According to reports, Kent and Metropolitan police officers recovered the database after an early morning raid of eight premises in London on 16 August.

The server, which contained data relating to forensic telephone evidence linked to police investigations, was undamaged and an examination revealed the information had not been accessed.

“Implementing encryption can provide very effective data protection against the risks of accidental loss or theft,” says Alex van Someron, CEO of data protection company nCipher.

“The public deserve to feel that their personal information will be kept private and confidential. This requires a well-planned deployment of encryption, supported by strong encryption key management tools, to deliver well-protected data which is only accessible to the right people, at the right time,” he adds.